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FREE Learn Arabic Online With The Nassra Method course coupon

Online Arabic Lessons. Lebanese Arabic. Learn Arabic In Hours, Not Years

Note: This is just an introduction Arabic course to the Nassra Arabic Online Method.

This short course focuses on learning Levantine Arabic dialect which is spoken in (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan). The course will cover:

The Course involves high-quality, full HD video lessons. You have access to 1 hour of interactive video recordings for absolute beginner. Each video is 10 minutes long, follow the instructions in the video and most important do not skip any video lesson. Taking Arabic lessons online has never been easier.

Why should you take this course

I am teaching Spoken Arabic in this course. There are two branches of the Arabic language: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and colloquial, that is spoken Arabic. Most people begin to learn MSA thinking that this is the language used to communicate day to day in the Middle East. However, MSA is not used in day to day communication, as it is to Arabic what Shakespearean English is to English.

The Nassra Arabic Method . com is the only personalised, on-demand, and interactive online tool for learning spoken Arabic. It was created after a decade of research by Khaled Nassra and has been tested on hundreds of our foreign students. It is the only online Arabic course where you are guaranteed to put your newly-acquired language skills into practice immediately.

Here is some of our students reviews:

“Khaled skilfully balances academic focus and strong professionalism with a lively and engaging teaching style. I would highly recommend London Arabic Direct for those looking to become conversant in Syrian Arabic in a short period of time”

Anna-Marie McManus

PHD student at Yale University

“Khaled’s major strength is his ability to connect, to understand how to help me learn (what’s important, strategies for daily learning, how to recognise obstacles and overcome them, reviewing this regularly). He focuses on communication, which is brilliant – we speak a lot and this really helps my confidence. I find him a really intuitive, encouraging and patient teacher.”

James Eyre Foreign

Office diplomats

This is not just an Arabic course, it is an online community where you can meet people from all over the world and share the same passion.

Note: This is just an introduction course for The Nassra Arabic Online Method Program.

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Learn Arabic Online With The Nassra Method
Learn Arabic Online With The Nassra Method course coupon
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FREE Learn Arabic Online With The Nassra Method course coupon

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