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100% off Write In Steps: The Amazing Nonfiction Book Writing Formula course coupon

How to write a quality nonfiction book… using a very easy to follow formula – Just follow the simple steps

More than two thousand two hundred students have enrolled in this course.

How would you feel if you could write your nonfiction books following super simple steps? Not only that, but end up with a quality book? Every single time.

Watch the First Five Lectures for Free

This process is undoubtedly new to you.

– No long outlining process.

– No long agonizing writing marathons.

– No long editing sessions at the end.

– Each step includes everything a quality nonfiction book should have.

This is a supercharged game changer for many authors. You’ll see this for yourself when you use this process.

You can use this immediately. Works every single time.


Some of the reviews

William Burnett

“Ian provides a simple and effective method to reduce the mountain of information you want to convey into mole hills that are easily and swiftly surmounted.”

Ellie Hud

“I loved the Kindle “Write In Steps” book and read it from start to finish. And then I discovered the “Write In Steps” Udemy course and jumped on it. We all know that being taught through visuals is a step above the written word and this held true for this course. I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out as a writer but also to seasoned writers as well. The content and the delivery of it was done in a folksy, engaging manner. The instructor is encouraging every step of the way. By time you finish this course you will be psyched to start a new book without delay!!!!”

Roger Burgina

“I’ve just completed the course and I realized how simple the process of writing a book can be, when it’s divided into small baby steps. Every video is a well-structured information that is easy to comprehend. What I like most in this video presentation is that the author did a good job providing examples for each step in the process. I highly recommend this great tutorial to anyone who is interested in the subject!”

James R. Steele

“Precise and without any frills or jargon. I am extremely satisfied with the training and recommend this course to any aspirant writer of non-fiction. I will refer back to this course regularly to keep me on-track until my writing habit has formed.”

Caroline Muchendu

“This course is just what I needed to get my thoughts together, to help me expound on them and to help me get past a writers block. I was skeptical but now I’m glad I signed on. I feel much more confident and energized to carry on with my writing. Thank You Ian.”

Morgan Norma Roche

“A very clear, straightforward presentation. The instructor has some great ideas that make a seemingly daunting task – writing a book – feel doable. What I really love about it is, the way the course is created means I’m writing my book as I’m doing the course, which stops me procrastinating!”

Prim Groover

“The course is very informative. The way the instructor has broken down the material into subgroups makes it very easy to follow as he speaks.”

Robin Slee

“If you have a great book idea in the back of your mind, or need to produce structured documentation in a fast and efficient way then this course will help you realize your goals. Exploiting the non-linear workflow by using a mind-map Ian has compiled an easy to follow process, which addresses every step that you need to follow in order to write your first or next book in minimal time. There are some ‘golden-moments’ in this course, that will make you want to start writing immediately! Excellent job Ian, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kind Regards, Robin.”

Vic Daly

“I found Ian’s “Write IN Steps” very informative. I also have his Kindle version of this course. The money I consider well spent.”


Hi. My name is Ian Stables, best-selling author of more than fifty Kindle books. I am going to teach you how to write quality nonfiction books easier and faster.

This ingenious system was developed

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Write In Steps: The Amazing Nonfiction Book Writing Formula
Write In Steps: The Amazing Nonfiction Book Writing Formula course coupon
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100% off Write In Steps: The Amazing Nonfiction Book Writing Formula course coupon

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