Monday, 21 August 2017

FREE Course Creation Manual : Step by step course coupon

Learn the tech behind, to Create and Sell successful Udemy courses from scratch. (Unofficial)

This course is not sponsored by Udemy, Inc.


So you are a UDEMY student, and you’ve always wondered what’s that ‘TEACHING’ button…and thought…CAN I POSSIBLY TEACH AS WELL?

If yes, then WHAT CAN I TEACH?

And most importantly HOW DO I CREATE MY COURSE? I don’t have any video making skills… even i don’t know tech behind the video creation.

Did you ever come across with these thoughts?


I was a UDEMY student for 3 months before I started thinking about my expertise and how can I share it with other UDEMY students. In my case getting started with Udemy was VERY EASY because I was working in Marketing and specialized in the eLearning sector for about 2 years.


Udemy and myself we believe that everyone knows ONE THING better then others! We all have one particular talent, don’t you? So…why not utilize it and start earning your SECOND INCOME? Who doesn’t need extra few hundreds or even thousands coming in to your budget each month?

Besides, this profession as an ONLINE INSTRUCTOR is so rewarding, when you get 5 start reviews and people love what you offer, you are over the moon!



Remember, in this course, there is:

With my method, you can create all your Udemy course ideas in a FAST AND EASY way. Your budget can be between $0 to $150. That’s all.

With my method you can create high quality courses almost every week!!!

I use tools that SIMPLIFIES the whole PROCESS and I will show you on my desktop what buttons to push and what software to use.

Most of the software I use is free or very inexpensive and available on cloud. Only few would require investment but you could do well without them.

This Udemy course is not just a selection of boring slides, or a podcast that only talks the theory, this is a STEP BY STEP GUIDANCE on screen recorder that shows you exactly how I publish my courses.

You will see my backstage where I literally walk your hand on the-whole-course-publishing-process without missing one single element.

You will see everything with your own eyes and can replicate my method in no time. So then you too can become a publishing machine. If I’ve wasted my time coming up with this method, why would you…

Does it sound appealing? Does it sound like a goal for 2017?


Then…LET’S GET STARTED with UDEMY! Hit the START NOW button and I will see you on the other side!

Who is the target audience?

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Course Creation Manual : Step by step
Course Creation Manual : Step by step course coupon
Course Creation Manual : Step by step coupon
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FREE Course Creation Manual : Step by step course coupon

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