Friday, 25 August 2017

FREE Free Lean Six Sigma Primer course coupon

New to Lean Six Sigma? Get Answers Now – Is it Useful to Me? Where to Start? How to Choose Appropriate Certification?

Do not dawdle and let your career expire before you know it!

Learn about Lean Six Sigma and change your future.


Past Student Testimonials:

Sushant, Barclays

“Thank you indeed for offering this free course. What I also found amusing is the fact that you have shared specific tips, absolutely free of charge, whereas several firms charge exorbitant sums for much higher level consulting. I can only imagine how detailed and meticulous your paid services would be.”

Bhavani, Dupont

“Your online course was very well designed, precise and informative. I have shared your tips on Six Sigma with my team as well. Thanks for launching and sharing this course.”

Mustafa, Sea Investment Group

“Canopus Business Management Group is providing qualitative knowledge collection in a very attractive manner. All modules are very easy to learn and focuses on prime areas. Canopus is also providing free course which is really commendable, And makes it stand out!”

Nikhil, KPMG

“I want to share that it was fun learning with Canopus as the course material was structured very well and the topics were explained in great detail. Looking forward to enrolling more courses with Canopus.”


Beginner’s Paradise

If you always wanted to learn Lean Six Sigma, but wasn’t sure how it will help you in profession, this is your opportunity. It’s a free course and meant to share actionable knowledge on Lean Six Sigma principle and concepts.

You will be able to relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to any give scenario at work, society or home.

You will be able to decide on the relevance of Lean Six Sigma to your profession and industry, as well as decide what level of certification is needed.


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FREE Free Lean Six Sigma Primer course coupon

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