Wednesday, 16 August 2017

FREE Design Thinking - A hands-on course on Innovation course coupon

Learn how to introduce products that WOW your customers

Ever wonder why certain products are so integral to our lives? Some products or services really resonate with us.They seem to solve our problem before we have even expressed them. A common theme to products that WOW us is Design Thinking.

This course is a hands-on approach to Design Thinking, a popular and effective Innovation approach. In this course, you will learn the following:

About Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a customer-centric innovation framework. At the heart of it is a strong drive to solve key problems faced by the customer when using products. The approach is very successful in addressing latent needs, which results in an unforgettable customer experience. What makes the latent needs so critical is that such needs are often not mentioned by the users of products. The framework we’ll cover in this course will set you on the path to uncover latent needs and set you on a path of a successful customer experience.

Design Thinking has been used for many users in every industry you can imagine. We’ll cover the wide portfolio of products where this approach has been used to innovate. Most importantly, it transform how customers interact with products and keep coming back over and over again.

Product design challenges

We’ll also spend a fair amount of time on the product design challenges. These are three challenges that every product or service must meet to ensure that it will be successful. First we want to ensure that there are enough people who are facing the problem we want to solve. Second, we want to evaluate how our solution can be enabled and how we can beat any competing products. Finally, we want to confirm that there is a good financial return on investment for our fantabulous introduction in the market. We’ll go through the questions you need to answer when facing each challenge.

Five stage Design Thinking Process

We’ll delve into the five stage Design Thinking process discussing each stage in detail. These will walk you through understanding customer behavior with products and how to extract their emotional experiences when using it. Then we will define a target that will cover the latent needs that our product has to address. The fun is in knowing how to generate as many solutions as possible to solve our problem. Next comes the implementation – we don’t just leave ideas, we want put them into practice. We will follow a strict criteria for developing prototypes. Finally, we test it and discuss when to release the product.

My approach to this program is that it must be hands-on i.e. You will be solving a problem to innovate to a solution using the Design Thinking approach. I guarantee that once you complete this course, you will be able to directly apply the principles for your projects.

Who is the target audience?

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Design Thinking – A hands-on course on Innovation
Design Thinking – A hands-on course on Innovation course coupon
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FREE Design Thinking - A hands-on course on Innovation course coupon

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