Wednesday, 6 September 2017

FREE Edison for Beginners course coupon

Playing and programming with Edison robot. With captions. Suitable for getting first educational robotics experience.

Welcome to the course, “Edison for beginners”!

Edison is a small educational robot that is great for beginners for getting familiar with robotics and programming.

With the help of Edison’s demo programs and the graphical programming interface of EdBlocks you can already start with Edison in kindergarten and develop further as you pick up new maths knowledge from school.

Build fascinating devices from Edison and LEGO bricks, control them with your TV remote or clapping, do line following races or even a sumo battle! Flash LED lights, write music, avoid obstacles or make Edison robots to communicate with each other.The knowledge acquired from the videos is reinforced with the help of worksheets. Teachers can be assisted by the lesson plans developed by the manufacturer.

The course is divided into three parts: we start by experimenting with Edison’s inputs, outputs and other options with the aid of demo programs. We continue by creating interesting programming tasks for Edison with the help of the EdBlocks programming language and end with concluding what we have learned and viewing some game ideas.

See you at the course!

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