Saturday, 9 September 2017

FREE Introduction to Prezi Classic course coupon

Learn the basics of Prezi Classic from an Official Prezi Expert

This course is for the original Prezi – now called Prezi Classic – not for the newer Prezi Next platform. Prezi Next users should take my other course: Transition to Prezi Next.

Introduction to Prezi Classic is an introductory free course which is a preview of the full course, Master Prezi Classic.

The ideal student for this course is someone who has a Prezi Classic account but never caught on to Prezi’s unusual user interface or the endless possibilities of this exciting software.

Prezi is a presentation technology that can be used in place of PowerPoint or Keynote. It can do one thing that PowerPoint and Keynote just can’t — It can ZOOM. This simple movement can make a world of difference. Through its movement, Prezi can communicate the relationship between the concepts and show how those concepts fit into the overall scheme. Prezi can fly over the canvas transporting your audience into a classroom full of giddy schoolchildren, excited to see something new and different, and prepared to sit up and take notice.

In this free course you will learn how to:

This course includes printable resources, downloadable demonstration videos, and corresponding project instructions You’ll have everything you need to recreate the demonstrated project plus start your own original Prezi presentations.

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Introduction to Prezi Classic
Introduction to Prezi Classic course coupon
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FREE Introduction to Prezi Classic course coupon

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