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100% off AWS Certified Associate (All 3 Exams) - Readiness Assessment course coupon

**FREE** Assess your Exam Core Knowledge Readiness for All AWS Certified Associate Exams (Architect-SysOps-Developer)

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This course is designed to assess the candidate’s readiness to take any, or all, of the AWS associate exams, it focuses primarily on assessing the candidate’s readiness of the common Core Topics Knowledge of all three AWS Associate exams including:

AWS VPC(and its components), EC2, EBS, ELB, Auto Scaling, Route53 , Cloud Front, IAM, S3, and RDS

These subjects constitute around 70% +/- of the AWS associate exams’ required knowledge, and are, mostly, common to all three AWS associate exams.

Passing this exam at 90% (without memorizing answers via repeated tries) means, you have close to 63% of the actual exam points guaranteed, which maximizes your chances to pass on your first attempt. Also, it indicates that you have a very good level of knowledge of the core topics.

The exam is a true mock exam featuring:

Why 90% passing score?

Some of you may think, hmmm, ok high score so we all fail and then we are led to buy other courses! It is natural to think that way, but here is the logic behind it.

The Core knowledge in the actual exam will be around 70% of your exam overall score. Being fully prepared for the core knowledge means, you are very likely to pass the actual exam with little more preparation on the other 20-25% exam specific areas that are not tested here.

Take for example, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, you have other areas that you need to be aware of, such as:

Dynamo DB, Storage Gateway, SnowBall, API Gateway, STS, SQS, SNS, SWF…etc, are all short subnets and do not have as much weight as Core knowledge, around 10% of the exam weight. Security is another 10% (big part of it is already covered Security Groups, N ACL, IAM is also security)

So scoring 90%+ in this exam, means you have 63% in your pocket in the actual exam, which puts you in a very comfortable position to pass the exam by correctly answering 3-4  more questions on the other areas.

If you pass this exam, you are good to go for the core knowledge part, you just need to be as prepared for the exam specific content above and beyond the Core Knowledge.

What if You couldn’t score 90%+ on this mock exam?

Do not be distressed, it is better to know this now than know when you fail a try, and waste USD150, not mentioning the emotional disappointment. However, this would then highlight a weakness in your understanding/preparation of the core knowledge, which then needs to be filled before you sit the exam.

There are many ways to fill this gap, one of them, and the easiest way, is the AWS course I have developed (AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Mastery2018), available on Udemy, that covers the core knowledge in the best way possible and guarantees:

1) Deepest level of understanding of the AWS core knowledge for all three associate certificates

2) Provides guided practice questions, scenario-based, at or slightly above the exam difficulty level, fully explained

3) Provides the way to read the questions, how to avoid the pitfalls in reading the questions,

4) Teaches you how to


This is your low cost, and quick tool to find out whether you are ready for your upcoming AWS associate level exam(s), a tool that can save you wasting $150/exam on a failed try, and the emotional stress and disappointment of such an experience.

Why should you trust this tool?

A great question, first here is a review one of my AWS course students has written after I walked him through the same test for the core knowledge:


Extremely satisfied with this course, instructor’s way of teaching and explaining the topic is very good and engaging as well, before taking this course I thought I was ready for the exam, but going through the practice question in this course, I realized that I still need more preparation. I have purchased 5 other AWS CSA-Associate courses on UDE

DolfinEd – Learning Simplified!

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AWS Certified Associate (All 3 Exams) – Readiness Assessment
AWS Certified Associate (All 3 Exams) – Readiness Assessment course coupon
AWS Certified Associate (All 3 Exams) – Readiness Assessment coupon
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100% off AWS Certified Associate (All 3 Exams) - Readiness Assessment course coupon

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