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The 21-Day Challenge to Start Living a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle

Whenever we hear the word ‘REBOOT’ what instantly comes to our mind is image of our computer re-starting.

Why do we reboot our computers/laptops? Because it hangs…it gets stuck.

The same way, do you feel ‘Stuck’ when it comes to your health and fitness goals?


I won’t make you feel bad now!

What is done is done…forget about it, its water under the bridge, let’s not cry over the spilt milk…

Lets discuss what You are going to do from this moment on..

Here’s My Promise to you:

I will not ask you to join a gym with The 21-Day Full Body Reboot.

I will never ask you to buy expensive protein supplements, fat burners…or any other miracle slim teas….

Neither will I ask you to procure any exotic fruits or any ingredients that will burn a hole in your wallet

and buying cardio machines??

I hate cardio….so I would never ever ask you to do that…

Note: Hate is a strong word, Cardio is not bad but when done in limits. However there are better ways, superior ways to build your fabulous body.

Now, lets look at what you would be able to achieve after successfully completing The 21-Day Full-Body Reboot:

As the name of the course suggests you will experience a holistic transformation:

* Obviously this will depend on how overweight/obese you are in the first place. You can lose more if you have more to lose, plus genetics, strict adherence to the program’s guidelines will determine your results.

So How am I suppose to help YOU achieve all of the above in just 21-Days?

By pointing towards the fact that ‘The Simplest Things’ in life are often the most powerful.

Let’s see what I have in store for you in THE 21 DAY FULL BODY REBOOT:

The 21-Day Full Body ‘Reboot’ 3 Phase Workout & Exercise Protocols

As in all my courses, I left nothing to chance. Everything is chalked out for you Step-by-Step and divided in phases.

Moving from Phase 1 to 3, I will gradually increase your caloric burn, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

The workouts and activities are divided into Beginner & Intermediate Levels.

‘SIX’ Follow Along Videos with Instructions are included.

– Full Body Workouts for Beginners & Intermediates.

– HIIT Workouts for Beginners & Intermediates.

– Ab Workouts for Beginners & Intermediates.

Fab Breaks —2 Min Fitness

You’ll love this concept. I have created Four Fabulous Videos based on this concept!


Don’t underestimate the power of walking. It can get you started and its an excellent supplementary exercise with your fitness routine. Plus it can save from the detrimental effects of chronic sitting!

Every Phase (which is for 7 days) will require you to walk certain (nominal) steps.

The 21-Day Full Body ‘Reboot’ Nutrition & Diet Plans:

21-Day Daily Non-Veg Meal Plan

21-Day Daily Veg Meal Plan

I’ll also provide you with my weekly diet based on the concept of Intermittent Fasting:

21- Mini Challenges from Akash

We all love challenges, and shorter the challenge the better it is.. Or is it the other way around.?.haha..

Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you.

Each day will have a theme and a challenge will be given to you.

Some are easy, whereas some are hard.

Bonus-1: ‘Reboot’-The Nutrition Guide

This nutrition guide contains more than 40 mouth watering recipes—both main meals & snacks, most of which I personally cook and consume! Further, exact steps on how to calculate your TDEE, nutritional tips, supplementation guidelines, and a shopping list are all included in this guide.

Bonus 2: Reboot-Tracker Sheets

Daily Meal Tracker, Weekly Goals Tracker and Goal Analysis Sheets etc are given to keep you accountable and motivated throughout the program.

Think about this…..

How much money you have wasted in unused gym memberships?

What about those expensive proteins, miracle green teas and fat burners?

For majority of your this number would easily be in hundreds and thousands of dollars!

The most Powerful things in Life are either Free or Low Cost.

With Over 100 Minutes of HD Video Content, I

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